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XBOSS - XTRM Baleares Open Water Swim Services XBOSS is a marathon swimming service provider in Spain. Teresa Planas and her colleagues enable and help train open water swimmers who want to challenge themselves across some marathon swims in the beautiful waters of Spain.

Among their events are the 42 km Cruce a Nado Mallorca Menorca and the 25 km Cruce a Nado Mallorca Cabrera.

Cruce a Nado Mallorca Cabrera

XBOSS presents a significant challenge in a unique setting: the Cabrera National Park and the southern coast of the island of Mallorca. The crossing that can vary from 16K to 25K and can be done solo or with a group.

The first group crossing took place in August 2011 when 68 swimmers took to the crystal-clear waters in Cabrera. With 50 volunteers and numerous government agencies helping, the 13 women and 55 men left in two groups at 7:45 am with a flotilla of 17 escort boats (guiding a 2.5K per hour group and a 3K per hour group).

Depite the 8-knot winds, the swimmers enjoyed the journey and had the time of their lives despite currents and turbulence. Only 8 of the 68 swimmers did not complete the swim. 7 hours 45 minutes after the start, the 3K per hour group finished on Sa RĂ¡pita beach where more than 300 people met their with smiles, cheers and hugs. The 2K per hour group completed their journey in 9 hours 45 minutes over the 24.99K course.

Cruce a Nado Mallorca Menorca

XBOSS also organizes the more difficult 42 km Cruce a Nado Mallorca Menorca marathon swim.

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