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noun - Wilson is a water-logged volleyball made by Wilson Sporting Goods that is used as the mascot of the Oak Streakers open water swimming pod.

[edit] History

Wilson was cast adrift off the shores of Laguna Beach in February 2012. Though Wilson's origin is unknown, Lynn Kubasek postulates that Wilson was likely born at the sand volleyball courts on shore on Main Beach in Laguna Beach. After swimming around the Main Beach buoy, Kubasek swim into Wilson and decided to swim with it for a bit. Some standup paddlers saw her swimming with Wilson and told her to "take good care of Wilson". She decided to take him all the way back to Oak Street then.

Since then, Wilson has been an unofficial mascot of Oak Streeters swims, joining the pod on a few adventures, and sometimes dressed up in costume. Wilson has also been an observer on a few Catalina Channel and Anacapa Channel swims.

[edit] Open Water Swimming

WIlson was named one of the Top 10 Movies for Open Water Swimmers by the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

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