Western Washington Open Water Swimmers

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Western Washington Open Water Swimmers
Western Washington Open Water Swimmers is a group of over 240 open water swimmers in the State of Washington along the western coast of the United States. Their focus is swimming in the lakes of Western Washington (west of the Cascade mountains), in the Puget Sound, and the Salish Sea.

WWOWS has no formal structure, membership, dues, or leadership. Instead, it is a loosely-knit group born from Facebook and a desire to share the beauty of open-water swimming with other like-minded individuals. There are no traditional meeting places or times for training swims, however ad-hoc events are planned on a regular basis, especially in the Seattle metro area. The group uses Facebook to discuss upcoming races, organize social and training swims, and to talk about local swimming issues such as lake access and river-usage rules.

Beaches frequented by WWOWS swimmers include Alki Beach, Golden Gardens Park beach, and various locations on Vashon Island.


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