West Wyoming Marathon Swim

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West Wyoming Marathon Swim, a 10 km marathon swim in the Yellowstone River
Phil Ireland competing in the West Wyoming Marathon Swim
The West Wyoming Marathon Swim is an 10 km downstream river marathon swimming competition in the state of Wyoming. The race is held on April 1st every year if the water is suitably safe for swimming. If April 1st is not acceptable, then the race is held on September 1st.


[edit] Competitors

The West Wyoming Marathon Swim has started to attract an eclectic group of aquatic adventurers since it first started by Michael Muna in 2010. Competitors must occasionally dodge shallow waters, exposed and unexposed boulders, and various twists and turns in a fast-paced race.

[edit] Distance

10 km

[edit] Type


[edit] Location

City Carter's Bridge to Highway 89 Bridge

State/County/Province Wyoming

Country USA

Region Americas

[edit] Contact

Name Michael Muna

Email headcoach@openwatersource.com

[edit] Event Information

Month: April

Website: West Wyoming Marathon Swim

Class: Amateur and Professional

Wetsuit: Yes

[edit] 2012 Results (Top 5 Overall)

1. Phil Ireland, 1:10.34
2. Hank Wiseman, 1:11:02
3. Parks Alots, 1:11:05
4. Alexandra Carol, 1:13:44 (top woman)
5. Nick Aforce, 1:16.17

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