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Wendy Brook was a British open water swimmer who set the world record in the English Channel on 31 August 1976 in 8 hours 56 minutes. The student/teacher from Ossett in Yorkshire, England swam from Dover to Cap Gris Nez and was the first person to break 9 hours across the English Channel, beating American Tina Bischoff's record set on 5 August 1976 by seven minutes. She won the Centenary Cup for her effort. The Channel Swimming Association's Centenary Cup is given to the 'Fastest Swim of the Year by a British Person'. She also received the CSA Gold Medal, donated by Rolex Watches, for the 'Fastest Solo Swimmer of the Year' Award.

Channel Swimming Association Centenary Cup Recipients

The Centenary Cup is given to the 'Fastest Swim of the Year by a British Person' across the English Channel awarded by the Channel Swimming Association.

Channel Swimming Association Gold Medal Recipients

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