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Wendy Brook was a British open water swimmer who set the world record in the English Channel on 31 August 1976 in 8 hours 56 minutes. The student/teacher from Ossett in Yorkshire, England swam from Dover to Cap Gris Nez and was the first person to break 9 hours across the English Channel, beating American Tina Bischoff's record set on 5 August 1976 by seven minutes. She won the Centenary Cup for her effort. The Channel Swimming Association's Centenary Cup is given to the 'Fastest Swim of the Year by a British Person'. She also received the CSA Gold Medal, donated by Rolex Watches, for the 'Fastest Solo Swimmer of the Year' Award.

[edit] Channel Swimming Association Centenary Cup Recipients

The Centenary Cup is given to the 'Fastest Swim of the Year by a British Person' across the English Channel awarded by the Channel Swimming Association.

[edit] Channel Swimming Association Gold Medal Recipients

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