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Vasanti Niemz
Vasanti Niemz (born 8 December 1956), and living in Heidelberg, Germany, is a member of the Half Century Club for having swum the English Channel twice within 25 years and twice in a relay, with many Lake Zurich swims in between.

Her first English Channel solo swim was from England to France in 1985 in 17 hours 1 minutes. Her second English Channel solo crossing from England to France in 2010 was 16 hours 50 minutes at age 53 and was part of a multi-day Channel-triathlon from Dover via Calais and Brussels to Aachen.

On 9 October 2012, she successfully swam the Strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa, Spain (Europe) to Marsa, Marocco (Africa) in 5 hours 25 minutes, as the oldest German woman (at 55) and 373rd swimmer solo without wetsuit. She is now ranked #25 on the Oceans Seven list.

A member of the International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team she has been a vegetarian since 1981.

Gibraltar Straits Swim 2012

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