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Tyler Fenwick is the University of Tennessee's Associate Coach, with a focus on recruiting as well as growing the distance program.

Fenwick was previously on the Mission Viejo Nadadores staff where his swimmers broke 13 team records, four regional records as well as one National Age Group standard. Additionally, he has helped 13 athletes to their first Junior National standard, 10 to their first Senior National standard and three to their first U.S. Olympic Trials cut. Since 2010, Fenwick's swimmers have posted 36 NAG Top 10 times with four top-ranked swims.

Fenwick also coached a pair of U.S. National Junior Teamers (David Heron and Janardan Burns) with the two also making the U.S. National Team this year. Heron went on to win the national title in the 5K open water event, with Burns (second) and Heron (third) taking a pair of podium spots in the 10K.

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