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Triton Water Rescue is an water safety service for triathlons and open water swims on the East Coast of America, headquartered out of New Jersey. Its services include Lifeguard Services, Race Evaluation, Swim Clinics, course design and Expert Witness Services. It was founded and managed by Rick Lill.

[edit] Services

Lifeguard Services - Triton Water Rescue will recruit certified lifeguards. A head lifeguard will be provided to organize the lifeguards in the water and an additional documentor will be provided to take incident reports which will act as documentation of any individual who was rescued.

Race Evaluation - Races are evaluated on multiple levels to ensure safety and a swimmer friendly environment.

Pre-Race Relaxation - Triton will provide to athletes a relaxing visualization to help them prepare for the race mentally. This will help to ease pre-race and swim anxiety.

Swim Warm-Up & Clinic - This service will entail a Professional Triton Lifeguard discussing with athletes the dangers of the swim. The lifeguard will also cover reasons that athletes may be pulled from the water ensuring that everyone is kept safe, how to put on the wetsuit, spotting in the water, design of the course, as well as giving athletes the ability to meet the guards that will be protecting them the next day. After discussion, athletes will be given an opportunity to swim in the water and warm-up for the following day. This warm-up provides the athletes with an opportunity to mentally & physically adapt to the aquatic environment in a very relaxing non-competitive environment, get to know the lifeguards and try out their wetsuits for the first time instead of at the race where they may panic. This is an additional cost to the athletes themselves, but can be made mandatory and added to registration fee.

Course Design - Triton designs race courses.

Set-Up & Break-Down - Triton can provide lifeguards who will help with the set-up and break-down of races.

Expert Witness Services - Will vary according to demand.

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