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Tricia Mattox-Larson is the Secretary of the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation, a 501(3)c nonprofit organization that was created to establish a multiple-use aquatic center in the Mt. Washington Valley in the state of New Hampshire. The purpose of the proposed aquatic center is to provide aquatic education, recreation, safety, competition, fitness and rehabilitation services to the local community that will enhance the health and quality of life, and strengthen the ties of community for its residents and visitors.

Mattox-Larson is a swimming enthusiast and Speech Language Pathologist. She has swum throughout her life and rediscovered her love for swimming in college. She now swims outside all summer in local lakes and ponds with a group of fellow swimmers, wearing wetsuits if necessary in the cold April or October waters.

White Mountain Aquatic Foundation

The White Mountain Aquatic Foundation leadership includes Jeff Rothen (President), Maury McKinney (Vice President), Nelle Killourie (Treasurer), Tricia Mattox-Larson (Secretary), Bob Magg (Board Member), Bob Schrader (Board Member), David Shafer (Board Member), and Jim Soroka (Board Member).


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