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Tori Gorman
Tori Gorman is a 30-year-old marathon swimmer from Sydney, Australia, who successfully crossed the English Channel on 20 July 2012 in 14 hours 12 minutes with Mike Oram as her pilot while she raised over $60,000 to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society. She also completed the 28.5-mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on 8 June 2013 in 8 hours 53 minutes where she was able to swim her age.

She also completed the 10 km South Head Roughwater Swim in Sydney, the 15 km Clean Half in Hong Kong, the 19 km Fiji Swims from Denarau to Beachcomber Island in Fiji, and the 11 km Manly Wharf Bridge to Beach.

[edit] English Channel Impressions

Massive thanks to Mike Oram and crew for their great work in landing me on the Cap Gris Nez. The sprint finish was like nothing I have ever experienced against that crazy tide. And the feeling of relief at standing on rocks will never leave me just like the nice scar I'll have on my leg form the barnacles. What an awesome and overwhelming feeling yesterday was. Huge shout out to Freda, Barrie, Irene, Michelle and the rest of the incredible beach crew who made the last 3 weekends in Dover waiting for the weather to open far more enjoyable and supportive! I was lucky enough to have Irene out there with me observing and supporting me on the actual swim.

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