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Charles River Swim in the Charles River organized by the Charles River Swimming Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Tom Gastel is a team member of the Charles River Swimming Club that hosts the annual Charles River Swim. he lived in San Francisco where he would swim at an urban beach a short 10-minute bike ride from work and when moving to Boston thought “why not here?” He hopes one day there will be a great song about the Charles River called “Love that Clean Water” and knows that the Charles River Swim is one step toward that goal.

When not swimming Tom does architectural illustrations.

Charles River Swimming Club

The Charles River Swimming Club was founded in 2005 with the dual purpose of organizing competitive open water swimming events in the Charles River and facilitating the return of public river swimming. Its main event is a one-mile swim in the Charles River basin called the Charles River One Mile Swim, annually held in early June.

After decades of pollution, the Charles River has benefited from the ongoing Clean Charles River Initiative, which was started in 1995 to restore the river’s ecological health. The river is now clean enough on most summer days to meet swimming standards. The club aims to raise awareness of and celebrate the efforts that went into cleaning the river, as well as to highlight the need for continued clean-up to enable recreational swimming in the future.


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