The Big Blue Swim

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The Big Blue Swim
Meganisi on Day 3 of The Big Blue Swim
The Big Blue Swim
Lefkada of The Big Blue Swim
The Big Blue Swim is a Greek swimming adventure holiday tour that takes swimmers around the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea, west of the Greek mainland, founded by Lisa Stansbie. The Big Blue Swim will launch at the end of June 2012 and will provide swimming tour in the Ionian Sea, mainly in and around Lefkada and Kefallonia and the hand-like shaped island of Meganisi.

Based in the picturesque green island of Lefkada, 7-day Big Blue Swim offers escorted open water swimming including around the island of Ithaca and Kephalonia. Centered within 12 islands, swimmers can enjoy isolated beaches, uninhabited islands, scenic coastlines and secret caves amid clear turquoise water and Greek dolphins as the swim tour includes island-to-island crossings and coastal routes.

The Big Blue Swim is a memorable 7 days filled with 10 different, diverse swims that are combined with local culture, delicious food, comfortable accommodation and well-deserved relaxation. It was founded by Lisa Stansbie and Michael Koumbouzis with coaches Chris Malpass and Helen Wrenn.

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