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The Tethys Challenge Formula 7777 is part of the Tunisian Island Tour Swimming Challenge. The competition includes 7 different races between 6 - 12 kilometers along the coast of Tunisia. The event is held on 7 consecutive days. The event is sponsored by the Tethys Club Association that organized the first swimming tour of Tunisia's islands. The 7-day event is held in late May and early June where 7 international swimmers compete in a tour of seven Tunisian islands.

[edit] Races

Stage 1, Day 1 – 6 km - Ile Zembretta to El Haouaria Sea crossing (El Haouria)
Stage 2, Day 2 - 10 km - Ile Kuriat to Monastir Sea Crossing (Monastir)
Stage 3, Day 3 - 15 km - Sidi Youssef to Sidi Monasour Sea Crossing (S.Fax)
Stage 4, Day 4 - 6 km - Ele De Dejbra to Jorf Sea Crossing (Ele De Dejbra)
Stage 5, Day 5 - 10 km - Iles Kani to Cape Zabib Sea Crossing (Tunis)
Stage 6, Day 6 - 6 km - Ele Pane to Sidi Makki Sea Crossing (Bizerte)
Stage 7, Day 7 - 12 km - Port of Carthage to Miami Space Sea (Tunis)

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