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Entrepreneur, author, spokesperson and author Tara Michelle Diversi
Tara Diversi crossing the English Channel in 9 hours 45 minutes
Tara Diversi is an Australian marathon swimmer who swam the English Channel in a relay with the Balmoral Beach Club Team (22 September 2012 in 12 hours 51 minutes) escorted by Neil Streeter.

Marathon Swimming Career

On 29 September 2012, she completed a solo crossing of the English Channel in 9 hours 45 minutes, escorted by Reg Brickell and supported by Red Top Swim’s Tim Denyer and Melissa Cave.

On the 7 February, she swam the 28 km stretch between Palm Beach to Manly in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in a time of 7 hours 15 minutes.

On 22 February, she completed the Rottnest Channel Swim in 5 hours 24 minutes.

Diversi also swam the fastest crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar during the 2013 season in 3 hours 34 minutes on 26 April, escorted by Rafael Gutiérrez Mesa under the auspices of the Asociación de Cruce A Nado Del Estrecho De Gibraltar (Strait of Gibraltar Swimming Association), to complete 2 channels of the Oceans Seven.

Professional Career

Diversi is an Assistant Professor at Bond University in Sports Nutrition. She has worked with a number of marathon swimmers to assist with their open water swimming nutrition and hydration.

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