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Brent Rutemiller, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sports Publications
Peter Busch, host of Swimming World Magazine's The Morning Show
Swimming World Magazine is an Arizona, U.S.A.-based monthly swimming magazine with a significant online presence including The Morning Show. The independent publication was first published in a magazine format as Junior Swimmer in January of 1960 and is the leading online swimming news website.

In its earliest form, Junior Swimmer began as a mimeograph/newsletter published by Peter Daland in the summer of 1952. In 1960, Coach Daland passed the responsibility of the project to Albert Schoenfeld due to Daland's greater coaching demands as the swim coach at the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Athletic Club.

The publication then combined with Swimming World in June 1961. Swimming World was a mimeograph/newsletter published for the previous 10 years by Robert J. H. Kiphuth. The newly constituted magazine was then known as Junior Swimmer-Swimming World.

The magazine has a monthly publication rate of roughly 50,000 issues. With correspondents throughout the world, the authoritative publication provides up-to-date information online and through its features in its monthly printed magazine. It extensively covers American and international competitions as well as age-group, high school, college, masters and open water swimming athletes, events and trends. It also provides advice, articles, photos and data on health-related, product, service (e.g., swimming camps) and techniques.

The publication also awards Swimmer of the Year awards in various categories as well as the top high school swim teams and swimmers in the country on an annual basis.



Brent Rutemiller is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sports Publications, Inc., publishers of Swimming World Magazine. Richard Deal is the President and Publisher of the Sports Publications that publishes Swimming World Magazine, SWIM, Swimming Technique and Water Polo Scoreboard magazines and also produces SwimInfo.com.


The Morning Show

Swimming World Magazine's The Morning Show is a daily interview program hosted by Peter Busch.

Swimming World's Female Open Water Swimmers of the Year

Swimming World's Male Open Water Swimmers of the Year

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