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Swim Velocity


Clinics teach the fundamentals of open water swimming and efficient transitions as they relate to successful triathlon racing. Learn the ins and outs of the water, sighting and swimming in a straight line, methods to manage nervousness or panic and strategies for smart racing. You'll be a safer swimmer, a master swimmer and a confident swimmer. We offer options to bike or run the applicable race courses after the clinic.

Swim Velocity &TriLaVie together comprise Orange County’s largest triathlon organization providing group and personal coaching for all levels of triathletes. Our specialty is guiding people new to the sport who are seeking a high quality, personalized experience. All our activities include knowledgeable coaching, focused training goals, connection with fellow athletes and unparalleled professionalism. Coaching is our passion!

Each clinic consists of three (3) main parts: lecture, skills and drills in the water, full-distance race prep swim. Additionally, we'll address transitions, wetsuit management, and the all-important acclimation process. (Be sure to ask the coach about this dirty little secret of our sport!)

Swim Velocity & TriLaVie Open Water Swim Clinics focus on race preparation for triathlons. The skills taught are applicable to any triathlon swim including sighting, crowd control, managing panic, rhythmic breathing and endurance.

Founder & Head Coach Martha Szufnarowski has assembled a team of experts who will take you on a triathlon swim adventure! We've guided hundreds of athletes to successful swim and triathlon experiences. We teach solid training and racing strategies so your experience is safe, satisfying and fun! We've done triathlons including Ironman and Open Water Swim Challenges. We coach adult swim programs throughout Orange County year-round.


Location: Orange County

Country: USA

Region: Americas

Contact Name: Swim Velocity / Martha

E-mail: Martha@trilavie.com


Event Dates: June - September

Website: Official Website

Class: Clinic


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