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The Swim Across Lake Michigan (SALM) Team is a group of American open water swimmers who swam a 42-mile (67.5 km) group relay from Ohio State Street in Chicago to Michigan across Lake Michigan on 20 August 2013 on a 23 hour 1 minute charity swim that raised US$110,000 to fund a significant research project at Rush University Cancer Center. The relay was part of the Swim Across America event, organized by Dave McClellan.

[edit] SALM1 Members

SALM1 members included David Sims, Bob Lewis, Mark Hauser, John Martin, Melodee Nugent, Ryan Foley, John Schoser, Sean Russell, Michelle Milne, Bill Lee, Dave McClellan, Kendra Robinson, Andrea Rudser-Rusin, Dan Cline, Kara Pellaton, Chip Gilbertson, Jim Sara, Michael Markman, Ellen Bintz Meuch, Stephanie Felber.

SALM2 race directors in 2014 will be Charlie Cunnick and Mark Hauser.

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