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SwimVacation in Maine Lakes is a family-friendly swimming vacation produced by SwimVacation on an island on a pristine lake. Enjoy twice-daily group swims, 3 fabulous meals a day, cozy cabins, impromptu and scheduled hikes, bikes, runs, and naps on Joyce Island, home of Taconnett on Great Pond.


[edit] Great Pond

Great Pond (actually a very large lake) has wonderfully clean water and is surrounded by beautiful pine forests. Small islands dot its North end, making for interesting swimming routes.

[edit] Swims

Twice-daily swims are guided. Many guests will have different goals for their swims: endurance training, stroke improvement, speed, or just to have fun. 2 or 3 different distances to choose from for each swim. Water temperatures are often well into the upper 70s, but wetsuits are welcome. There are also provide optional open water swimming clinics on such techniques as sighting and navigation, buoy turns, pack swimming and drafting, and race strategy.

[edit] SwimVacation Coaches

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