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Susie Maroney
Susan Jean "Susie" Maroney OAM (born 15 November 1974 in Cronulla, New South Wales) is an Australian former marathon swimmer. Maroney was an outstanding channel swimmer and marathon swimmer who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2005 as an Honour Swimmer.

Maroney first crossed the English Channel as a 15-year-old swimmer. She later established the world record for a two-way crossing of the English Channel by a female in 17 hours 15 minutes in 1991. She swam around 48 km (28.5 miles) Manhattan Island four times, winning the 1990 (7:00:27) and 1994 Manhattan Island Marathon Swims (7:08:10), and finishing 8th in 1999 (7:15:59) and 4th in 1989 (7:52:13).

At the age of 22, she completed a well-publicized 180 km (111.8-mile) swim from Cuba to the USA across the Florida Strait in 24 hours 31 minutes on 12 May 1997, aided by a shark cage covered in mesh in order to keep out the Portuguese man-o-war. She also completed a 38 hour 33 minute 197 km (122-mile) swim on 1 June 1998 from Cuba to Mexico. She also completed a 160 km (98 mile) 27-hour swim from Jamaica to Cuba on 15 September 1999.


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