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Strel Swimming Adventures are swimming adventure tours led by Martin Strel and Borut Strel aimed at those with a deep passion, enthusiasm and love for open water swimming.


[edit] Coaching and Guides

Martin and Borut Strel are the father and son team who have organized some of the most challenging swimming expeditions in history and received a global recognition for their successes and exploits.

[edit] Locations

The Strel Swimming Adventures range from Lake Powell in the western United States of America, to Lake Bled in Slovenia to Croatia.

[edit] Founders

Strel Swimming Adventures is a swimming tour and swimming holiday operator, co-founded by world-renowned ultra-marathon swimmer Martin Strel and his son/guide Borut Strel. The co-founders have extensive experience in running open water swimming projects. They have organized some of the most challenging swimming expeditions in recent history and received a global recognition.

Martin Strel, known as the legendary Big River Man, is a Guinness World Record marathon swimmer and only man in the history to have swum the 5 greatest rivers on the planet: the Amazon, Yangtze, ParanĂ¡, Mississippi, Danube.

[edit] Videos of Strel Swimming Adventures

[edit] Strel Swimming Adventure Holidays Coaches

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