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Strel Swimming Adventures are led by Martin Strel and Borut Strel aimed at those with a deep passion, enthusiasm and love for open water swimming. The father and son team have organized some of the most challenging swimming expeditions in history and received a global recognition for their successes and exploits.

The Strel Swimming Adventures range from Lake Powell in the western United States of America, to Lake Bled in Slovenia to Croatia.



Strel Swimming Adventures is a swimming tour and swimming holiday operator, co-founded by world-renowned ultra-marathon swimmer Martin Strel and his son/guide Borut Strel. The co-founders have extensive experience in running open water swimming projects. They have organized some of the most challenging swimming expeditions in recent history and received a global recognition.

Martin Strel, known as the legendary Big River Man, is a Guinness World Record marathon swimmer and only man in the history to have swum the 5 greatest rivers on the planet: the Amazon, Yangtze, Paraná, Mississippi, Danube.

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