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Matty Mitchell, famed waterman
Hank Wise, famed waterman
Streamline is a hit single by Matty Mitchell and Hank Wise about the swimming community. The song is a popular niche chant among swimmers throughout Southern California.

Streamline is part of a hip-hopping series of songs also including Lactic Acid.


Lycrics to Streamline

I lost my mind
Got caught up on the lane line
But it was all fine 'cause
I got my best time
And I am coming up with this sappy little rhyme
About swimming
And swimming really fast
And I wanna have a blast
So check it...

Matty Mitchell

Mitchell is an experienced waterman from Long Beach, California. He swam for UCLA specializing in butterfly and the individual medley. He enjoys water athletics including water polo, swimming, paddle boarding, body surfing, surfing and life guarding, and has traveled the world to enjoy water sports. He was part of the Long Beach Swim Focus Catalina Relay in October 2011 that set the overall Catalina Channel record of 6 hours 53 minutes 4 seconds. He also created the Big Richard, the world's longest swim-run, as well as a popular 3-part DVD series of swimming songs, chants, cheers and tunes including the hit single Lactic Acid.

Hank Wise

Hank Wise is a waterman extraordinaire from Long Beach, California, U.S.A. He is an accomplished open water swimmer, a talented surfer, a renowned coach. He sails, dives, paddles, kayaks, rows, body surfs and teaches in and about the waterways of Naples Island. He is among the fastest five Catalina Channel swimmers of all time and has swam and surfed throughout California, Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Fiji, Italy, Greece, Guatamala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Tahiti. He was instrumental in developing the Killer Bees at the Long Beach Yacht Club, Swim Focus, Rocket Fish, Beach Swim Club Masters and the Sea Monkeys.

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