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Steven Green is a 53-year-old American open water swimmer from San Diego, California. He completed the quiet swim around Manhattan Island organized by the NYC Swim on 24 August 2013 in 9 hours 8 minutes to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

[edit] Marathon Swimming Career

Green has completed the English Channel under the auspices of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation on 23 August 2012 in 19 hours 25 minutes. He also completed the Catalina Channel on 5 August 2010 in 11 hours 31 minutes as well as a solo Maui Channel crossing on 1 September 2008 in 7 hours 41 minutes. He has also participated in a Maui Channel Swim relay crossing and the Alcatraz Sharkfest event in 2008.

[edit] Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

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