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Dr. Stathis Avramidis
International Aquatic History Symposium & Film Festival poster
Dr. Stathis Avramidis honored with the ISHOF Service Award 2012 by Bob Duenkel and Bruce Wigo.
Dr. Stathis Avramidis, with other award winners, is presented with the "Best Young Film Director" by ISHOF's CEO, Bruce Wigo.
Stathis Avramidis becoming "Mr Greece 2000" at the Mr & Miss Model Millennium Beauty Contest
Dr. Stathis, IAHSFF Co-Chairman.
Dr. Stathis Avramidis (Δρ Στάθης Αβραμίδης) is a prolific author and advocate in the field of water safety. He has served and popularized aquatics and water safety since 1988 as athlete, academic, water safety and media professional.



He holds a Diploma of Education on "Adapted Physical Education" (with a mark of 10 "excellent") and a Bachelor of Science in "Sport Science and Physical Education" (graduating with the highest mark 8.39/10 among 105 graduates) from the University of Athens (Greece 1999). He then completed a Master in Sport/Exercice Science and a PhD on lifesaving and drowning respectively at Leeds Metropolitan University (England 2001; 2009).

Professional Activity

He is an Associate dealing with water safety (Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and Federal Director of Sport Lifesaving (Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activity and Sport Fishing) in Greece. In the past, he was a Lecturer of Aquatics/Visiting Research Fellow (Leeds Metropolitan University, UK 2003-2012). He was also the Co-Chairman of the International Aquatic History Symposium & Film Festival.

He is a qualified Senior Tutor/Instructor of internationally recognized organizations (ILSF, STA, Singapore STA, RLSS Australia, RLSS UK, SLSA GB, CLSF, ASA, NUCO) with lifesaving experience and education from 13 countries. He trains physical education, lifesaving, lifeguarding, fire awareness, baby swimming, water safety, spinal injury management, defibrillation, first aid, and survival at sea. He worked as lifeguard, instructor, coach, and first aider in aquatic events (nationals, European, Mediterranean, World and Olympics).

He appeared in television and radio many times, as invited guest speaker on water safety issues, extra actor/model in television series/shows and interviews. He presented the radio program "Lifeguarding without a teacher" (91.2FM Radio, Athens 2003) and the television program "Prevention and Rescue" (Aroma Elladas Magazino, Athens 2013).

Research Interests

Dr Avramidis research focuses on aspects of drowning, accident prevention, safety promotion, aquatic safety teaching, legislation, lifeguarding, lifesaving, water safety, pedagogy and near-death experiences. He focuses in multi-disciplinary approaches of drowning and accident prevention to enhance education.

Awards and Honors

Dr Avramidis has been honored with several awards and distinctions 17 times in 8 countries for his work. Particularly,he was the recipient of the prestigious Paragon Aquatic Safety Award and the "ISHOF Service Award" from the International Swimming Hall of Fame "for his outstanding work on water safety and lifeguarding worldwide and the mission of ISHOF". In addition, he was presented with two RLSS Commonwealth Diploma Awards. At the International Aquatic History Symposium & Film Festival he was awarded with the "Most Prolific Contributor Award 2012" and "Best Young Film Director Award 2012".

In his youth, he participated in 4 national and international beauty contests. He became "Mahnunt Greece 2000" (aka Mr Greece in the Mr Model Millennium Contest), "Best Model Tourism 2000" (Best Model of the World, Turkey), "First Runner-Up Mr Elegance 2001" (Mr Intercontinental, Germany), "Community Services 2000" (Manhunt International, Singapore). In addition to them, he was placed 5 times in the top 3 rankings of the national championship as a water polo player with the team of Olympiakos.

Documentary STATHI

A documentary called "STATHI" depicts the life and work of Dr. Avramidis. The story deals about a poor young man, who had skeletal problems and could not speak English, who was collecting food from bin bags separating it from the cigarette aces and whose mother did a starvation strike out of the Ministry of Education fighting for his rights to study in Higher Education. Despite several obstacles, he became national water polo champion, an award-winning male model in beauty contests, one of the most prolific aquatic safety authors and winner of various awards. This story has not only touched and inspired the viewers of different nations but also gives hope and courage to those who dream to achieve goals beyond their financial and language abilities.


He has authored over 300 publications including books, chapters, peer reviewed journal articles, DVDs, conference proceedings and articles in popular technical aquatic magazines/newspapers (see list here. Dr. Avramidis has published several books.

He is currently finalizing the fairy tale book "A Chance For Children" based partially on the life and work of Greg Bonann (creator/director/producer of Baywatch and SAF3) and Tai Collins (screenwriter of SAF3). This fairy tale book, aims to be a humn to human empowerment and to pay a tribute to the inspirational work of Greg and Tai who founded the real "A Chance For Children" Foundation.

IAHSFF Co-Chairman

He was also the Co-Chairman of the International Aquatic History Symposium & Film Festival that was held at the [International Swimming Hall of Fame] on 9-12 May 2012 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A. The Symposium & Film Festival included keynote speeches, film showings, book signings, museum tours, exhibitions, oral and poster presentations and prizes for best contributions and brough together a number of personalities from around the world who created films or books that documented history of aquatic sports.

Co-Chairman Dr. Avramidis said, "We live in water and we are made by water; 75% of our planet is covered by and 95% of our body is constituted by water. This explains why the history of aquatics is a so intriguing theme for a symposium and a film festival. Let’s meet in the Mecca of Aquatics to witness the extraordinary achievements that we have made from antiquity until today."

Quotes During Memorable Moments

Dr Avramidis is known for his humorous and philosophical quotes:

2009 Paragon Aquatic Safety Award Winner

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