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Solomon Fernandez was a protester on the island of Kahoolawe in 1977 in the state of Hawaii. In order to escape capture by the U.S. Navy for illegal coming onshore to Kahoolawe, he and Bill Lawrence swim across the 7-mile Alalakeiki Channel from Kahoolawe to Maui. Although there is no certification documentation for their swim, their escape is recognized by the Hawaiian Channel Swim Association.

Note: After decades of protests, the U.S. Navy ended live-fire training exercises on Kahoolawe in 1990. Kahoolawe was transferred to the jurisdiction of the State of Hawaii in 1994. The Hawaii State Legislature established the Kahoolawe Island Reserve to restore and to oversee the island and its surrounding waters. Today Kahoolawe can be used only for native Hawaiian cultural, spiritual, and subsistence purposes.

Alalakeiki Channel Swimmers

The list of Alalakeiki Channel Swimmers includes the following individuals:

13. 2011 - Chris Palfrey, Kahoolawe to Maui
12. 2011 - Penny Palfrey
11. 2006 - Carl Kawauchi, Maui to Kahoolawe
10. 2006 - Alton Motobu
9. 2001 - Linda Kaiser, 1st Women, 1st from Maui to Kahoolawe, swam together
8. 2001 - Laurie Foster, 1st Woman, 1st from Maui to Kahoolawe, swam together
7. 2001 - Laurie Foster
6. 2001 - Mike Spalding
5. 1992 - Carl Kawauchi, 1st Crossing
4. 1992 - Ulrich Klinke, 1st Crossing
3. 1992 - Alton Motobu, 1st Crossing
2. 1977 - Bill Lawrence, Uncertified channel crossing
1. 1977 - Solomon Fernandez, Uncertified channel crossing


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