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noun - Skill Training is a key element of the Pyramid of Open Water Success. It refers to teaching the fine points of open water racing techniques requires feedings, sighting, starts, turns, positioning, and navigation practices during pool practices or, ideally, in the open water. For feeding, swimmers can place gel packs in their swimsuits to practice fluid in-take during main sets. For navigation and sightings, swimmers can do 6 x 400, but they must lift up their heads twice every fourth lap to sight balloons on the pool deck, moved around by the coach. For turns, swimmers can touch the wall, without doing a flip turn or pushing off the wall, during the last 2 laps of 5 x 200. For drafting, three swimmers can swim together with one swimmer slightly behind drafting for a set of 9 x 300 with a draft every third lap and descending by groups of three. To replicate start and finish conditions, swimmers sprint short distances (25's or 50's) with three swimmers per lane starting at the same time.


Pyramid of Open Water Success

The Pyramid of Open Water Success is an open water swimming training concept developed by Steven Munatones of the World Open Water Swimming Association. Its purpose is to educate and inspire open water swimmers and coaches to comprehensively prepare themselves or open water swimmers or triathletes to properly train for all aspects of the sport of open water swimming or the swim legs of triathlons.

7 Elements of the Pyramid of Open Water Success


Pyramid of Open Water Swimming Success, Seven Essentials of Open Water Swimming Success

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