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Siga Rose, a Lifetime Achievement Award winner
Siga Rose is a renowned age-group swimming coach from the Mission Viejo Nadadores in Southern California who has been creating and coaching champion swimmers in the pool and open water for five decades. She was a recipient of the World Open Water Swimming Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. She is married to Bill Rose, head coach of the Mission Viejo Nadadores.


Pool Swimmers

Her age-group swimmers have set 25 national records over the course of her career. She has also coached at numerous USA Swimming Zone camps, All-Star camps and All-Star meets.

Open Water Swimmers

Rose also coached many record-setting marathon swimmers in the Catalina Channel including former English Channel record holder Penny Dean, Catalina Channel record holder John York and the first person to have completed a circumnavigation around Catalina Island, Cindy Cleveland. She continues to inspire interest in [[open water swimming with age-group swimmers and their parents.

USA Long Distance International Championships

Rose was also a coach for the American swim team across the Catalina Channel 1984 at the 1984 USA Long Distance International Championships which was the first race across the Catalina Channel since the Wrigley Ocean Marathon in 1927.

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