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Shu Pu escort paddling 35 km for Simon Holliday on 24 May 2014 across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong to Macau during the Clean Cross Swim
Shu Pu is one of the founders and event coordinators of the Cold Half, an extreme 15 km winter marathon swim in Hong Kong Island held on 23 February 2013. She is also the event organiser and escort outrigger canoe paddler for Simon Holliday's attempt to swim 35 km across the Pearl River estuary, a charity swim on behalf of the Grate Art in Hong Kong.


Cold Half

The Cold Half is modeled after Asia's most popular marathon swim, the Clean Half, except the water temperature is more to the liking of marathon swimmers, channel swimmers and adventurists of various types. The Cold Half is either a solo race or a 2-person relay. If performed as a relay, a support paddler is required. If performed as a relay, the swimmers rotate every 30 minutes with motorized escort required. Swimmers will start at Stanley Main Beach and finish at Middle Island Beach with a barbeque and warm-up dinner held at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in front of Hong Kong's only fireplace. There are 2 categories in the Cold Half: Naturally Ocean and Wetsuited and Buoyant.


For information and registration requests on the Cold Half, contact Shu Pu at

Paddling for a Charity Swim

She completed a 35 km solo swim crossing from Hong Kong to Macau on 24 May 2014 as a fundraiser for the Grate Art project on behalf of Ocean Recovery Alliance. The 10 hour 20 minute crossing was called the The Clean Cross - Hong Kong to Macau Swim 2014 where Simon Holliday was Walkerized with pink dolphins.


Swimmer: Simon Holliday
Paddler: Shu Pu
Support Crew: Arni Highfield, Doug Woodring, Michael Becker, Andrew O'Regan, Kirk Robinson, Maggie Dou, Cruzanne Macalister
Video Camera Crew: Oliver Deppert, Damian Antochewicz, Sam Lewis
Photographer: Anthony Kwan
Aerial Video Pilot: Jeffrey Yim

The Clean Cross Videos

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