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The Sharkfest Swim Series is an open water swim series in the United States, managed by race director Dave Horning of Enviro-Sports with the assistance of Michelle Ruettinger.


[edit] Sharkfest Series Swims

The first Sharkfest Swim was held in San Francisco Bay, the Alcatraz Sharkfest Swim in 1993. The second Sharkfest Swim didn't happen until 2009. But every year since then Enviro-Sports been adding additional point-to-point races to the series with the San Diego Sharkfest Swim event as the National Championship of the series.

[edit] Sharkfest Swim Schedule

Now that the Sharkfest Swim events are a national series, the San Diego Sharkfest® Swim has become the National Sharkfest® Swim Series Championship Event. Each overall first place winner (male and female) from every 2013 Sharkfest Swim will win a free entry to compete in the Championship event.

[edit] Future

Sharkfest Swims will be held in Austin, Charleston, Chicago, New York (Poughkeepsie: Mid-Hudson River), Newport (Rhode Island), Seattle, St. Augustine and Washington DC.

[edit] Enviro-Sports

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