Secbands EPA Swim Challenge Series

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Secbands EPA Swim Challenge Series Season is a multi-race event organized by Zports and offers one of the marathon swims around the world.


[edit] EPA Swim Series events

Event 1 - 08h45 : 10km Mixed Swim
Event 2 - 09h15 : 7.5km Mixed Swim
Event 3 - 09h15 : 5km Mixed Swim
Event 4 - 10h00 : Kids 10u Bank to Bank
Event 5 - 11h30 : 3km Mixed Swim
Event 6 - 11h30 : 1km Mixed Swim

[edit] 10km

Swimmers entered for Event 1 (10km) or may enter to record their 5km swim time during the 10km swim (for SSA purposes) - additional fees apply. Such additional times will not count in the event results and is only for SSA qualification purposes.

[edit] Wetsuits

Wetsuits are permitted as a separate category and do not qualify for SSA qualification times.

[edit] Age Group categories

10km Swim / 7.5km : only swimmers over 14 years are permitted
5km Swim : 14 - 39; Over 40; Over 50
3km Swim : 12-13 yrs ; 14-18 yrs ; 19-30 yrs ; 31-40 yrs ; 41-50 yrs and 51 & over; Disabled
1km Swim : 13 & Under; 14 - 39; Over 40; Over 50

[edit] Time Limits

In accordance with Swimming South Africa Open Water Swimming Rules (6.3.17 & .18), a time limit of 30 minutes from the finish time of the first swimmers shall apply. Competitors who do not finish the course within the time limits shall be removed from the water EXCEPT that the referee may allow a competitor outside the time limit to complete the course but not participate in any points or prizes awarded.

[edit] Affiliation

Eastern Province Aquatics, Swimming South Africa

[edit] Contact

Phone +27 41 484 7860

[edit] External links

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