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Santa Barbara Channel Islands
The San Clemente Channel is 54.4 miles (47.3 nm or 87.5 km) off Huntington Beach on the Southern California coast. It is between San Clemente Island and the mainland of California. This swim has been conquered once by a 6-man relay in 2002 (33 hours 8 minutes) and once by a solo swimmer, Tina Neill in 2012 in 28 hours 41 minutes.

Marathon swims across the San Clemente Channel are governed and organized by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA) that supports and sanctions open water swims to, from, and between 7 of the 8 California Channel Islands in the Santa Barbara Channel, off the coast of Southern California, USA. The 8th Channel Island, Santa Catalina Island, has a separate governing body, the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. It oversees the Southern California Eight.

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