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Samantha Simon is a 24-year-old American open water swimmer from Janesville, Wisconsin who is a member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. Samantha began swimming competitively in High School at the age of 14. She started doing marathon swims in 2008 at the age of 18. Her first marathon was the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim which she completed in 8 hours 59 minutes. In 2009 she crossed the English Channel in 13 hours 11 minutes. In 2010, she completed the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 8 hours 10 minutes and the Catalina Channel in 9 hours 22 minutes, which gained her membership into the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. 2011 brought on the challenge of the Molokai Channel, which she also completed in 13 hours 41 minutes. Samantha completed a second crossing of the English Channel in 2012 in 13 hours 56 minutes and has 3 channels completed of the Oceans Seven. She also won the 2014 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 12 hours 18 minutes.

She was the winner of The Frank Richards Endurance Award in 2012.

[edit] Oceans Seven

Simon has completed 3 of the 7 channels of the Oceans Seven to date and is ranked 18th (in a 14 way tie) on the global Oceans Seven list.

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