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Sally Anne Minty-Gravett from Jersey is a coach and open water swimmer who was inducted as an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2005. She is the President of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club and has taught many to enjoy swimming and open water swimming. She has successfully crossed the English Channel four separate times over the course of four sequential decades and will attempt an unprecedented 82-mile double circumnavigation of Jersey Island in 2012. She received the Centenary Cup award from the Channel Swimming Association in 1975 for being the 'Fastest Swim of the Year by a British Person' across the English Channel. She is also member of the Catalina Channel Half Century Club for her 9 hour 51 minute crossing of the Catalina Channel from Catalina Island to the California mainland in 2006. She was initially coached by Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club founder Maurice Lakeman on her first English Channel swim.

English Channel crossings

Centenary Cup Recipients

Sally Anne Minty Jersey C.l. E-F 11:57 1975
Wendy Brook England E-F 08:56 1976
David Morgan England E-F 11:05 1977
Raymond Dixon England E-F 10:43 1978
Alison Roberts Wales E-F 08:56 1979
Ian Muir England E-F 09:19 1980
Ian Muir England E-F 09:58 1981
Richard Charlesworth England F-E 08:52 1982
Karen Toole England E-F 09:06 1983
Lyndon Dunsbee England F-E 08:34 1984
Timothy Dunsbee England E-F 09:20 1985
Marc Newman England E-F 08:35 1986
Marc Newman England E-F 08:55 1987
Richard Davey England F-E 08:05 1988
Richard Davey England E-F 08:33 1989
Marc Newman England F-E 09:23 1990
Alison Streeter England F-E 09:53 1991
Trevor Down England E-F 09:59 1992
Alison Streeter England E-F 10:16 1993
Conor Gunn N. Ireland E-F 09:11 1994
Alison Streeter England E-F 08:50 1995
Alison Streeter England E-F 09:30 1996
Alison Streeter England E-F 11:14 1997
Alison Streeter England E-F 10:56 1998
Mark Rickhuss England E-F 09:18 1999
Alison Streeter England E-F 12:28 2000
Duncan Steele England E-F 11:21 2001
Alec Clarke England E-F 10:53 2002
Jane Solomon England E-F 10:47 2003
Katherine Mearman England E-F 12:54 2004
Roy Harding England E-F 11:20 2005
Penny Palfrey England / Australia E-F 09:16 2006
Penny Palfrey Britain E-F 09:07 2007
Christopher Sheppard Britain E-F 09:53 2008
Rebecca Lewis Britain E-F 10:02 2009
Rebecca Lewis Britain E-F 08:35 2010
Rebecca Lewis Britain E-F 09:24 2011

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