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SUN Masters is a group of masters swimmers in Florida whose acronym stands for Swimming Until Nonagenarianism.

[edit] People

Head Coach: Joe Biondi
President: Christine Kelly
Vice President: Nancy Durstein
Treasurer/Registrar: Marianne Bradley
FACT Team Communications: Don Puchalski
USMS/LMSC/Sr Games Liaison: Joan Campbell
SUN Board Member: Florence Delaney
SUN/LMSC Newsletter writer: Patricia Cohen Crow

[edit] Roster

Charles Alfrey, Charlie Anstadt, Melissa Anstadt, Joe Biondi, Ellen Bowen, Marianne Bradley, Frank Brandt, Maria Buda O'Toole, Joan Campbell, Gladis Choueifati, John Cornish, Pat Crow, Florence Delaney, Robert Ditro, Nicole Dufala, Nancy Durstein, Cheryl Forgang, Patricia Frantz, Andrew Gottesman, Steven Hunt, Allen Jones, Christine Kelly, Bryan Kutchins, Gary Laursen, Donald Loucks, Bruce Mann, John Marzulli, Michael McCarthy, John Miller, Louise Moran, Dan Mullett, Jerry Napp, Paul Polgar, Don Puchalski, Roz Randall, Elliott Schofield, Mindy Solomon, Elspeth Smith, Lora Spratt, Kenneth Sullivan, Tony Thomas, Peter Williams, Cheryl Woelfle, Kristin Zadronzny

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