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The Rose Pitonof Swim is a 17-mile marathon swim, founded by Deanne Draeger, from Manhattan Island to Coney Island in New York, U.S.A. The race is part of the Urban Swim calendar and is a replication of the first swim of this distance and course, completed by Rose Pitonof, a 17-year-old endurance swimmer from Dorchester, Massachusetts who swam from East 26th Street, Manhattan Island to Steeplechase Pier on Coney Island on 13 August 1911.

The 2011 Rose Pitonof Swim celebrated the Centennial of Pitonof’s historic achievement when six swimmers successfully replicated her swim on 13 August 2011…exactly 100 years after her first swim.

The point-to-point course starts at the East 26th Street Waterfront and ends at Steeplechase Pier on Coney Island. Each swimmer has a motorboat and 1 to 2 kayakers or stand up paddle boarders as escorts. Expected water temperature range is 20-22°C (68-73°F) with some chop due to wind, and the possibility of flotsam, jetsam and jellyfish.

[edit] Results


1. Jaimie Monahan: 5:31:18
2. Willy Blumenthals 6:00:00
3. Alan Morrison: 6:29:00 (Breast Stroke)


1. Elke Hofmann: 5:06:00
2. Kevin Joubert 5:09:00
3. Matt Gurry: 5:10:48
4. Patrick Spearing: 5:19:33
5. Abigail Long: 5:25:30
6. Jamie Monahan: 5:27:42
7. Paul Rekoff: 5:29:00
8. Franco Prezioso: 5:33:36


1. Lori Carena: 5:47:08
2. Cara McAteer 5:51:05
3. Leonard Jansen: 6:01:15
4. Jaimie Monahan: 6:03:48
5. Alan Morrison: 6:09:04
6. Jason Malick: 6:24:53

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