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Ray Falk was a World War II Navy veteran and retired San Pedro, California real estate broker whose legacy includes the vibrant [Cabrillo Beach Polar Bear Club]] in Southern California. He was also a lifetime member of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation who helped out in various and numerous capacities and swims. He was selected as the 1980 King of Cabrillo Beach by the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bear Club, together with his wife Ann Falk who was selected as the 1980 Queen of Cabrillo Beach.

[edit] Cabrillo Beach Polar Bear Club

In 1953, John Olguin and Jack Cheaney started the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears. In 1983, Falk obtained permission for a room through the City Council Office, the Department of Recreation and Parks in the old Bathhouse/Museum in San Pedro. The Cabrillo Marine Museum abandoned the Bathhouse when they moved into their new facility on the inner beach. In 2005, Ray Falk and Kim M. White petitioned the City Council which declared the Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse as the official Home of the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears.

Falk organized the Cabrillo Beach Polar Bears patterned somewhat after the Dolphin Club in San Francisco which was established in 1888. The Polar Bear Club has an administrative staff with a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board of Directors. The King and Queen are elected each year to represent the Club at any Community function or service. They are featured in the San Pedro Christmas Parade on the Polar Bear float which won the Sweepstakes award for best float one year. They, of course, lead the New Year's Day crowd into the water each year.

[edit] Kings and Queens of Cabrillo Beach

The list of Kings and Queens of Cabrillo Beach:

2012 • Domino SantroMiriam Santro
2011 • Steve SkaleMarisa Solomon
2010 • Mitchell ReiterJeannie Matthews
2009 • Jack SimmonsCarla Esquivel
2008 • Bret E. BoydAnnie Donohue
2007 • George GabricRegina Ryan
2006 • Paul RykerLydia Jewell
2005 • Lou MannickCandice Gawne
2004 • Martin DonohueBea Smart
2003 • Courtland CleavesAnn Cleaves
2002 • Richard HavenickKim M. White
2001 • Ned HeatonRebecca Romero
2000 • Bruce NashNancy Jean Utovac
1999 • Marc G. MendelsohnEvon Mendelsohn
1998 • George PugsleyJune Smith
1997 • Michael R. DaumSusan Loftus
1996 • Dennis TraniAnnette McDonald
1995 • Patrick DonahughLisa Kay Marshall
1994 • Clark Faulk, Jr.Barbara A. Cottom
1993 • Alan ShillingMelissa Shilling
1992 • Peter MirichKathy Mirich
1991 • Tom GuinnEsther Bond
1990 • Peter GoemansDelora Bertsch
1989 • Ben DepentgnyKaren Depentgny
1988 • Anton SvilicichAlice Turner
1987 • Jerry NaughtonJerri Naughton
1986 • Hervey YurakMary Croft
1985 • David FoxPhylis Svilicich
1984 • Allan JohnsonUrsla Martozke
1983 • Tony MalleyJulie Melwig
1982 • John BurichSandy Burich
1981 • Bill SamarasIrene Parkinson
1980 • Ray FalkAnn Falk
1979 • Tom SchmitzJo Ann Schmitz
1978 • Forrest TaylorMarie Eberhardt
1977 • Lionel BushlingJulia Fontes
1976 • Albert ReaMary Bertsch Samaras
1975 • Jack CarrAnita Dragovich
1974 • Victor PappasMargarethe Hamilton
1973 • Mike LauroFelisa Harrold
1972 • Gene HayesMary Ranni
1971 • Kreso GrbacEva Grbac
1970 • Lee CarverTillie Karnes
1969 • David JonesMargaret Tracy
1968 • John ReimanKatherina Berger
1967 • John DuranteBridget O'Gorman
1966 • Wayne PickensHelda Berg
1965 • Bob BrowningOdette Browning
1964 • Willi HoefkeDyna Bertolotti
1963 • Martin VlietOlga Vliet
1962 • Charles FisherIrene Person
1961 • Gregory JilzovEmily Copp
1960 • Bob EngdalMaria Pleso
1959 • Marion ChukaTrudie Logan
1958 • Norman PulverJosephine Gearin
1957 • Joe AndersonMaria Wahlers
1956 • Oscar GundersonMaria Trutanich
1955 • John TrutaFlorench Ferkich
1954 • Bob HeronMargaret Koch
1953 • Raymond PearsonMarguerite Gardiner

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