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Richard Theiss
RTSea Productions is a company managed and owned by Richard Theiss, a renowned cinematographer, writer and director.


[edit] Testimonials

"Richard is a rare individual that excels in strategy, tactics and creative. He has had such an extensive background that whatever we have needed in regards to marketing, he has been able to pull it off at an extremely high level of expertise and competence." Dennis Hastings - President/CEO, iDirect Marketing

"Richard has a unique skill set that combines creativity with business strategy and excellent tactical execution. I personally recruited him due to his talent, business acumen and strong work ethic." Cathy Dominguez - VP Marketing, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

[edit] Clients

RTSea Productions and/or Theiss have worked with the following organizations and corporations.

Marine & Environmental Conservation: Aquarium of the Pacific, Guadalupe Fund.org, Shark Diver, InMER.org

Electronics & Manfacturing: U.S. Traffic Corporation, Myers Power Products, Display Solutions

Media & Agencies: iDirect Marketing, National Geographic, PBS.org

Financial Services: Kinecta Federal Credit Union, ResMAE Mortgage Corporation, Long Beach Mortgage Corporation, Spectrum Direct Insurance, Homeowner's Friend.com, Downey Savings & Loan, Southern Pacific Funding, SecondaryMarkets.com, Countrywide Home Loans

[edit] Television Production Services

Over the years, RTSea Productions has provided production services for television commercials for a broad range of companies, agencies, and products, including Acura, Albertsons, BBDO-Los Angeles, Buick, Campbell-Ewald, Canon, Coors, Disneyland, Dodge, Dryers Ice Cream, Farmer John, Foote, Cone & Belding, Ford, Gatorade, GMC, Honda, Kraft Foods, Levi Straus, Mazda, McCann-Erickson, Inc., McDonalds, Pepsi, Target, United Airlines

[edit] External Links

[edit] Video Samples

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