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Brian Ross, Quinten Nelson, Chris Kraus, Ross Morrow, Rick Gaenzle (left to right) after a successful North Channel crossing
Quinten Nelson is an escort pilot in the North Channel between Scotland and Ireland. His first mate on escort crossings is Ross Morrow.

[edit] Solo Swimmers

He escorted Maggie Kidd across the North Channel on 23 August 1988 in 15 hours 26 minutes and Michelle Macy on 15 July 2013 in 9 hours 34 minutes to set a new world record.

[edit] Relays

He also piloted a 3-man relay across the North Channel that included Rick Gaenzle, Brian Ross and Chris Kraus, on 7 August 2012 to a record-setting time of 10 hours 18 minutes from Ireland to Scotland in 13-16°C despite a high volume of jellyfish.

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