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noun - Quatro Break or the Quatro Crown of Prison Island Swims an extension of the Triple Crown of Prison Island Swims, otherwise known as Triple Break. It is four ocean swims where swimmers challenge themselves to escape by swimming from some of the world's most well-known island prisons: Alcatraz, Robben, Spike and Rottnest. While the traditional Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming consists of the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the open water presents an aquatic path of prison escape. Quatro Break was first coined by Ned Denison.


Quatro Break Sites

1. Robben Island is the former isolated prison home of Nelson Mandella and other South Africans 7.5 kilometers off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.
2. Alcatraz Island is the former isolated prison home of Al Capone and other celebrated American criminals 1.5 miles from Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay in California, U.S.A.
3. Spike Island (Irish: Inis Píc) is the former isolated prison home of infamous immates 2 kilometers off the coast in Cobh Harbour, Ireland.
4. Rottnest Island is the finish of a 19.7 km marathon swim west of Perth, Western Australia. It was used as an Aboriginal prison between 1838 and 1931 where 3,700 Aboriginal men and boys were imprisoned.

Robben Island, Alcatraz Island, Spike Island and Rottnest Island, once well-guarded isolated prison islands, are now 21st century sites better known for challenging open water swims with tricky currents and surrounding marine life. Former convicts have given way to open water swimming traditionalists and wetsuit-clad triathletes and swimmers.

Triple Break and Quatro Break Swimmers

2006 Steven Black (Robben + Alcatraz + Spike)
2006 Joe Donnelly (Robben + Alcatraz + Spike)
2006 Mike Harris (Robben + Alcatraz + Spike)
2009 John Conroy (Alcatraz + Rottnest + Spike)
2009 Jennifer Hurley (Alcatraz + Rottnest + Spike)
2010 Kieron Palframan (Robben + Alcatraz + Rottnest)
2010 Ryan Stramrood (Robben + Alcatraz + Rottnest)
2011 Ned Denison (Robben + Alcatraz + Rottnest + Spike for the Quatro Break)
2011 Gary Emich (Alcatraz + Rottnest + Spike)
2012 Ram Barkai (Robben + Alcatraz + Rottnest + Spike for the Quatro Break)

Escape from Spike Island

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