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noun - A protective suit is full-length protective swimwear or a stinger suit that covers most of the body, including the arms and legs, used by marine biologists, divers, and open water swimmers in order to protective against jellyfish and other venomous creatures of the seas and oceans. It is usually made of sheer porous or closed-cell materials that prevents the barbs on the tentacles of jellyfish from entering the human skin. The protective suits can be made of a variety of synthetic materials and is usually worn over a swimsuit. Protection also can be augmented by booties (shoes), gloves and some sort of hood or protective headgear that masks the ears, neck, and forehead.

The Stinger Suitâ„¢ is a commercial protective suit popular in Australia that offers a high level of protection from stinging jellyfish. Protective suits derives its name from the dangerous stings of the marine stingers, also known as the box jellyfish, which is highly venomous and whose stings have led to thousands of recorded accidental deaths.


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