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Feeding on a pontoon or feeding station for a 10 km marathon swim
Feeding from a pontoon or feeding station for a 10 km marathon swim
Safety pontoons at the Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival in Taiwan
noun - A pontoon is an air-filled floating objects in or along an open water swimming competition course that can support the weight of several humans (including coaches, officials, and volunteers). Pontoons are often set against land, fixed objects or a pier for stability, but can also be independently anchored along the race course in order to provide a stationary platform to allow (a) swimmers to start and finish an open water race, (b) coaches and trainers to provide hydration and fuel to athletes during an open water swimming race, or (c) officials to stand and judge a race or a specific area in a race such as a turn buoy or feeding station. The pontoon may be constructed from a variety of materials.

The coaches positioned themselves along the pontoon that was floating five meters from the race course.


Feeding station, start station, float, dock, raft, platform, starting pontoon

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