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Pieter Christian Jongeneel Anderica is an open water swimmer from Málaga, Spain who has completed four of the seven Oceans Seven swims: the Strait of Gibraltar in 2004 (one-way crossing in 5:17) and 2005 (two-way crossing), the English Channel in 2007, the Catalina Channel in 2008, the Cook Strait in 2011. He was scheduled to attempt the Molokai Channel in 2012 and completed the 21.97-mile (35.3 km) Gateway to India Challenge in December 2012 with the assistance of Indian coach Arti Pradhan.

He also completed the Travesía Peniche islas Berlengas in Portugal in 2010. In this swim, he swam 10 km from Peniche (Playa de Baleal) to the island of Berlengas in rough seas caused by the nortadas (winds from the Azores). In the 14°C water with Miguel Arrobas, he encountered many cangrejos rojos (red crabs) swimming on the surface of the water.

He has created the NGO Brazadas Solidarias in order to raise funds to collaborate with humanitarian projects through popular open water swims that attracts up to 200 local swimmers and the individual challenges that he organizes such as the Gateway to India swim.

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