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Phil White, Founder of NEKOWSA
Lake Willoughby
Phil White manages The Clubhous on the shores of Lake Memphremagog in the state of Vermont
Phil White is an innovative open water swimming race director from Vermont, U.S.A. and founder of the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) along with 11 other passionate supporters. He is safety-minded, has drafted and formulated a number of safety documents, and has introduced the use of numbered safety vests by escort kayakers to be used during the NEKOWSA events. He owns and manages The Clubhous, the nerve center of NEKOWSA.

He has created buzz about open water swimming in the Northeast Kingdom, established the inaugural WOWSA World 10-mile Swimming Championships, and is an example of a race promoter helping shape the sport in his immediate area. He also created the Clubhous and Be Kind to Your Yacker Week where swimmers give praise and thanksgiving to their kayakers, support crew and pilots.

He is also the event director of the Kingdom Games and was selected as the Newport Daily Express (Vermont) Person of the Year for 2013.


Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association

NEKOWSA promotes and coordinates swims in the legendary lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, a wonderfully beautiful part of the eastern United States. The clarity of the lakes in this area rival any in North America - geological marvels that NEKOWSA will celebrate and promote with its four open water swims in 2010.

Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association (NEKOWSA) Events

All events are conducted in the state of Vermont with online registration. The events include the following:

Son of a Swim, 2-, 4- and 6-mile swims in Lake Memphremagog, on June 18, 2011. The Son of a Swim is designed as a qualification swim for the Kingdom Swim in July. The field is limited to 25 swimmers.

Kingdom Swim, 1-, 3-, 6- and 10-mile swims in Lake Memphremagog, is scheduled for July 9, 2011. A quickly emerging celebration of open water swimming in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom. The event includes ¼-mile and 100-yard swims for children only. The field is limited to 100 swimmers per course.

Seymour Swim, a 3.5-mile swim in Lake Seymour as part of Kingdom Triathlon’s Aquaman, is scheduled for August 6, 2011. Swimmers are welcome to swim the first leg of the triathlon, but the field is limited to 50 swimmers.

Willoughby Swim, a 4.75-mile swim in a majestic lake in some of the cleanest water in North America is scheduled for August 20, 2011. The field is limited to 50 swimmers.

Phil commented on the Willoughby Swim, "The swim really is a majestic swim. This year, the wind was 1-3 miles an hour coming from the south when we started. Ripples were on the water. It gets compressed by the cliffs. Waves ended up 1-foot high, with a current as water was blown from the south end into the north end. The water is so clear and deep, it becomes blue black under the cliffs."

Open Water Swimming Associations

NEKOWSA is part of an intriguing collection of like-minded associations around the world with similar acronyms and common goals and missions:


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