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One of the fastest English Channel relays in history
Patrick Wrinkler is the publisher of SWIM Channel Magazine that was launched in 2010. The [SWIM Channel]] Magazine is a colorful, insightful publication that focuses on the Brazilian aquatics market, including the over 200 open water swims throughout the country. Patrick is a former Speedo Marketing Manager and Arena Sales Manager in Brazil.

2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year Nomination

The SWIM Channel Magazine was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year award. Its World Open Water Swimming Association nomination reads, SWIM Channel is a colorful, educational Portuguese-language magazine created and produced by Patrick Winkler devoting to the sport of swimming. SWIM Channel always shares wonderful photography - and outstanding articles on the sport of open water swimming in every issue. Its monthly offerings include sections of product descriptions and comparisons, insightful interviews with top open water swimmers, and photography shot from the air, under the water, from the boats and at the water's level. The monthly publication screams passion, participation and popularity. Its protagonists written in its pages are passionate adherents of the sport; its articles describe the growing participation in the sport of swimming; its increasing reach in the aquatics community tells of its obvious popularity. For its ability to bring alive the sport of open water swimming, for its fervor for the athletes, events, products and trends in the sport, the SWIM Channel is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

Interview of Publisher in Portuguese

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