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Just Keep Swimming
P.K. Gauchan is a swimmer on the Just Keep Swimming relay team that crossed the Catalina Channel in 13 hours 8 minutes on August 31, 2012. P.K. Gauchan successfully swam the full 12.6 mile solo event at the Distance Swim Challenge in 2010, 2011 and 2012. He was also 2nd in his division at the La Jolla Tour of Buoys 5-miler in August 2012. P.K. Gauchan provided kayak support for fellow Just Keep Swimming teammate Alicia Bartley at the Semana Nautica Summer Sports Festival 6-miler in July 2012. He trains with SCAQ, Tower 26 and the Santa Monica Bathing Society.

[edit] Just Keep Swimming

The relay included Kate Martin, P.K. Gauchan, Robyn Beresh, Alicia Bartley (Team Captain), Sherry Winston, and Steve Klein as well as Brandon (Pace Swimmer), kayakers Jasimine Kung and Bob Beresh, Captain Greg Elliot of the Bottom Scratcher and Observers Don Van Cleve and Vanessa Mesia from the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.

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