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Nejib Belhedi, 2011 winner of the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award for his 1400K Swim Across Tunisia with children of Tunisia and creator of the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia
noun - The Ouma Academy is a concept and an event created by Nejib Belhedi of Tunisia. The Ouma Academy is an innovative project that gives hope and brings the joy of swimming to the younger generations in Tunisia. The concept of Ouma – or swimming in the sea – has captured the imagination, attention and minds of children throughout Tunisia due to the relentless efforts of its founder Belhedi. The Ouma Academy sets a learn-to-swim standard in Tunisia and throughout the Middle East.



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OUMA 1400K, part of the Ouma Academy, is an initiative launched by Nejib Belhedi in Tunisia, a Swimmer of Peace and Bridge Builder in the 1400K Swim Across Tunisia who encourages people in Tunisia, especially the young and children to initiate and enjoy swimming in the sea. Belhedi also created the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia and the Swim of Peace Ouma - Djerba as part of the Ouma Academy in Tunisia.

WOWSA Awards

The Ouma Academy was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year award. Its founder, Nejib Belhedi was the recipient of the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award.

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