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Open Water Swim Academy (OWSA) is a club founded by Dan Simonelli that provides a safe and supportive environment for teaching and training aspiring open water swimmers of all ages and skill levels with the desire to experience the joys and adventures of ocean swimming, recreationally and competitively, and to learn from and swim with some of the world’s best.

OWSA is committed to promoting and expanding the sport of open water swimming among people of all ages and skill levels, competitive or non-competitive, and for anyone that wants to experience the joys and wonders of the open water!

Proceeds help support non-profit organizations, such as Jacee For Kids (helping young people achieve their goals and live their passion, and committed to expanding the community of open water swimming for kids); and The Arch Academy, San Diego (an alternative school where "normalcy" is bashed aside and inspired thought begets inspired action! And the entire student body swims open water!)

Dan Simonelli

Dan Simonelli grew up in Stockton, California and has been swimming since 4 years old (when his older brother wouldn't let him lie and say he was 5 to join the swim team!). Simonelli swam on and off through school and some in college as he tired of the pool experience. Then, while in the Marine Corps stationed in Oceanside, California, he began swimming in the ocean and racing in triathlons. He later became an Ocean Lifeguard for the City of Oceanside and the experience and joy of swimming in the ocean nearly everyday has never left him.

In recent years Simonelli began swimming at La Jolla Cove and became a member of the La Jolla Cove Swim Club. Subsequently he got in with a sordid crowd of marathon swimmers training for Catalina Channel, English Channel, and other great swims, and began to see the endless possibilities of the open water.

Simonelli is an Official Observer and support crew for CCSF and has served as Observer or Support for many Catalina Channel swims.

He is also the current Board President of the La Jolla Cove Swim Club.

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