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Trans Tahoe Relay in Lake Tahoe
The Olympic Club Trans Tahoe Relay is a stunningly beautiful and well-organized masters swimming relay event in Lake Tahoe. The 10-mile race is organized by the Olympic Club of San Francisco. The 6-person relay annuals draws hundreds of teams from around the world and is one of the world's greatest open water swimming competitions. It is annually listed in America's Top 100 Open Water Swims and the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


[edit] History

The unique open water swimming relay event started when Olympic Club members decided to challenge each other to a team race across Lake Tahoe in 1976. Soon after, other clubs were invited to join this annual "Invitational Relay" event. In 2011, the race attracted over 1,134 competitors. Promoting team camaraderie and spirited competition between swimming clubs and other groups and organizations, it is now seen as a landmark of open water swimming events.

[edit] Winners

2005: Tahoe Eleven Milers
2006: Tahoe Eleven Milers
2007: Tahoe Eleven Milers
2008: RCP Tiburon Milers
2009: Tahoe Eleven Milers
2010: RCP Tiburon Milers
2011: SCAQ
2012: Tattersalls Masters Australia
2013: Tahoe Eleven Milers
2014: Tahoe Eleven Milers

[edit] Distance

10 miles

[edit] Type


[edit] Location

City From Sand Harbor Beach in Nevada to Skylandia Beach in Lake Forest, California in Lake Tahoe

State/County/Province Nevada

Country USA

Region Americas

[edit] Contact

Name Paul Carter, Race Director, and Laureen Welting, Race Manager


[edit] Event Information

Month: July

Event Date: 21 July 2012

Website: Trans Tahoe Relay by the Olympic Club

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No

[edit] 2012 Trans Tahoe Race Committee

Safety Coordinator - Phyllis Quinn
Rules Chairman - Mike Keck
Communications Liaison - Bart Lally
Open Water Commissioner - Todd Arris
Open Water Deputy Commissioner - Katie Lyons
Committee Member - Greg Meyer
Committee Member - Gary Crook

[edit] Video of 2011 Event

[edit] 2006 Finish

2006 Trans Tahoe Relay Finish
The finish of the 2006 Trans Tahoe Relay was the closest in history as Heidi George of the Tahoe Eleven Milers (captained by George Tidmarsh) out-sprinted Rob Placak of the RCP Tiburon Milers for the win.
The 2014 finish was almost as close, when again the Tahoe Eleven Milers, with Joey Pedraza, out-sprinted the RCP Tiburon Milers for the victory (RCP Tiburon Milers were later disqualified for multiple rule violations).

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