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Oliver Wilkinson
Oliver Wilkinson is an English Channel swimmer (11:06 in 2009) and world record holder for the fastest time swimming around Manhattan Island (5:44:02 in 2011). He has been an amateur club and masters swimmer for over 25 years, competing for clubs in Liverpool, Melbourne and Gloucester.

He has competed in and won the British Long Distance Swimming Association Champion of Champions race, Torbay swim (2012), Lynn Regis swim (2009), won the one-way (2011 and 2012) and two-way (2009) crossings of Windermere, won the Bloody Big Swim (2011), competed in the 19.7km Rottnest Channel Swim twice, finishing 2nd in 2011, crossed the 9.6-mile Maui Channel, and finished fourth in the 2011 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

In 2012, he completed 2 of the Oceans Seven channels by completing the Strait of Gibraltar in 3 hours 42 minutes and the Molokai Channel in 13 hours 4 minutes with Captain Matt Buckman at the helm, and is tied for 16th on the Oceans Seven world rankings.

He also received the Open Water Swimmer of the Year award at the 2012 H2Open Awards organized by H2Open Magazine, an award designed to celebrate achievement in open water swimming. He was recognized for the world record for the fastest time swimming around Manhattan Island in 2011, completing the swim in 5:44:02.

In 2013 he placed first in the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim in a time of 6hrs and 56min.


Channel Swimming Career

1. English Channel, England to France, 11 hours 6 minutes, 17°C, at the age of 34 years on 8 September 2009
2. Rottnest Channel Swim, Perth to Rottnest, 5 hours 5 minutes, 22°C, at the age of 34 years on 20 February 2010
3. Maui Channel, Maui to Lanai, 4 hours 9 minutes, 27°C, at the age of 35 years on 4 October 2010
4. Strait of Gibraltar, Spain to Morocco, 3 hours 42 minutes on 2 May 2012 on a 4-wide (shown below)
5. Molokai Channel, Molokai to Oahu, 13 hours 4 minutes on 9 October 2012


Strait of Gibraltar 4-wide

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