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Ohrid Lake Swimming Marathon (Macedonian: Охридски Пливачки Маратон, Ohridski Plivački Maraton) is part of the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, a professional marathon swimming circuit sanctioned by FINA. The 30 km race takes place in the waters of the Ohrid Lake, Republic of Macedonia from Sveti Naum to the Ohrid harbor. It is one of the longest marathon swims in the world and one of the World's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


[edit] Date

24 August 2013

[edit] Location

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

[edit] Distance

30 km

[edit] Prize Money



Swimming Federation of the Republic of Macedonia under the direction of Stefan Pulejkovski

[edit] Race Information

Month: August

Class: Pro

Wetsuit: No

Charity: No

[edit] Past winners

1992 Pavel Ramdisek Slovakia
1993 Zoltan Kade Hungary
1994 Julio Fernandez Argentina
1995 Julio Fernandez Argentina
1996 David Meca Medina Spain
1997 David Meca Medina Spain
1998 David Meca Medina Spain
1999 Aleksey Akatyev Russia
2000 Igor Majcen Slovenia 5:19:49
2001 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria
2002 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria
2003 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria
2004 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria
2005 Jules Rondi France 5:23:58
2006 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 5:36:19
2007 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria
2008 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 6:14:51
2009 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 5:25:37
2010 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 5:37:39
2011 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 5:35:13
2012 Petar Stoychev Bulgaria 5:19:30
2013 Axel Reymond France 5:09:54

[edit] Video

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